Friday, February 24, 2012

Long time, no blog

Hello again!

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd better get something out there that you can read. As many of you know, I got a new job in Selah with Matson Fruit Company. A great place with equally great people. I'm working on keeping my head down and focusing on the tasks I'm assigned. Right now I'm creating and modifying reports: Crystal and InfoMaker. I'm also working in Oracle mostly with a fair amount of SQL Server as well. I'm learning a lot about the fruit growing and packing industry.

I was also able to get a fix for my “football jones.” I'm a line coach with the Yakima Mavericks semi-pro football team for this spring. And as is my usual schedule, I'll be looking to get into youth football for this fall. I'm trying to get in touch with the Selah Grid Kids program, rather than Yakima, because I'll be only a few blocks from practice once the season starts. I know I'll be wanting to coach kids this season, so I might as well make arrangements now.

I've been able to find us a new church. I miss Four Lakes Community Church and its people, but God's got other plans for me. First was to get me out of Cheney and into Yakima, then to place me at Calvary Chapel Yakima Valley. It's at the corner of Nob Hill Blvd and 40th Ave, about five minutes from the house. Some of you know how much Sharon hates new areas, but God placed us in a great location. Five blocks up to Nob Hill, then left two locks to Safeway, a couple of miles farther down is Walmart. And Calvary Chapel and a Baskin Robbins is between the two.

In Lacey, I went to high school at North Thurston. My senior year we lost in the state semi-finals to West Valley Spokane. When I was with the South Sound Shockers semi-pro football team, our home field was at North Thurston. When I moved to Cheney and the Spokane Wolfpack, we used West Valley Spokane as our home field. Now that I'm with the Yakima Mavericks, our home field is (well, next season after they put in field turf this spring) is where we lost to West Valley Spokane... Eisenhower High School. See the pattern developing?

To any and all potential employers... I'm off the market, so please disregard any of my resumes that may still be floating out there. I'm looking for them all and trying to pull them down as I find them.

What did I learn from my [thankfully] short stint on unemployment? A few things. First, being unemployed sucks. Second, the Unemployment folks are not your friends. At least the computers aren't. And third, regardless of what the Democrats are saying, unemployment checks are NOT stimulus. They are enough to get by for a short time, but being unemployed does NOT help the economy. So the sooner Pelosi, Jarret, et al. shut their pie-holes about it, the better.

Until the next time...

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